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15 seconds on Instagram, 140 characters on Twitter, friend restrictions on Facebook….it’s no wonder our society today has such a short attention span. We want our satisfaction, and we want it fast!!! This generation seems to believe that their world is limitless. I’m starting to believe that it is incredibly limited. When social skills become how fast can you text, tweet or hashtag rather than look someone in the eye and hold a conversation longer than a minute, it’s no wonder why so many today are diagnosed with ADD. This was never more evident to me than in the past few weeks while I’ve been interviewing for additions to my salon staff.

The ironic thing is, the only way I could reach out to find these people is through these same social networks. So why would I be surprised by some of the prospects that contacted me? From the many that couldn’t even find time to come in for an interview, to the ones who referred me to their Facebook page when asked for their resume, “selfies just didn’t cut it for the application process.” Let me tell you about a couple of the unbelievable interviews that I was subjected to in the past few weeks.

The first crazy one was applying for a shampoo assistant position who saw my ad and called me on a Saturday, not once, but at least 5 times. He was eager for the job no doubt, but knowing that Saturdays in my salon are extremely busy, I agreed to meet him on Tuesday. On the sixth call, pleading for the opportunity for the job, I gave in and agreed to meet with him that day. After all, I just don’t see that kind of enthusiasm often. Shortly after hanging up, a tall skinny ambitious looking guy comes walking through the salon doors wearing just a speedo and tennis shoes with no socks!!! My first thought is that it was an inappropriately dressed client. That is, until he announces he has “ARRIVED” for his interview with me. [you can’t make this shit up!]. Trying to contain myself, I decided to mix up the afternoon a bit and have some fun with this guy…is that wrong? So………I let him do a shampoo…… (yes, he is still in his speedo) As if his attire wasn’t over the top enough, the entire time he was doing the shampoo, he had his phone to his ear, complaining about how much his back was already hurting him and how tough this job would be. “WTF!!!”

My next prospect was another man, this time applying for the job as a stylist. He had no following and was new to the area. This was a difficult interview for me, because he was extremely confident that he could build his book on his own in a short time. But, in all honesty, I couldn’t use him. He was insistent, passionate and wasn’t going to take no for an answer. So once again, trying to push him off for a few days, I told him to come back with a model and I would let him try-out for the position. I kid you not, I watched him walk right out the front door and literally grab a guy off a bicycle and bring him in announcing he had his model! Impressed by his tenacity, I let him do the haircut. Not only did he do it, he did it great! Thinking I had someone special, I asked him to start the following week. Once again, he was insistent that he wanted to start right away and that he would do whatever he needed to. So I told him to start the next morning. He shows up on time, dressed professionally and greets everyone. So I’m thinking, “OK, this might actually be good!”. An hour and a half into the morning a taxi driver walks in asking for who called a taxi. Not uncommon, the receptionist asks around to each of the clients if anyone had called for the taxi service. After several head shakes no, sheepishly walking from the back room, this new stylist says “It’s my taxi! I called for it”. I, being confused, asked “What’s up?”. His response back, “I don’t think I can do this job….”
So here is my reaction for whatever social media you are reading this through: #FML #OMG #whyevenbother #icantbelieveitsnotbutter #getalife #takethisjobandshoveit!

I am sure I exceeded my character limit, just as I exceeded my limit for the characters I interviewed. All I wanted was my happy ending!!!

This business has become so different from what I once knew. There was a time where being a hairdresser was thought of as a very elite profession. I just don’t get why the hairdressers of today don’t get it!!! I am so frustrated by knowing what I know, yet seeing what I see. We have the ability to bring “happy endings” to people in ways you sick people reading this may have misinterpreted…after all we are one of the few “legal” professions that have the exclusive privileged to touch people, not only with our hands, but also with our passion. Our clients allow us into their lives, their minds and
their hearts. They let us touch their skin, their hair and, ultimately, what we do shapes the way they are received and perceived by their closets fiends and colleagues.

So while this might not be the happy ending you were expecting, give me the pleasure of pressing my buttons, that’s the “follow” button of my blog..(get out of the gutter.. you wackjobs) and share with your friends.

Hopefully you enjoy tonights recipe that was my “Happy Ending”…..Well at least I the table. Really, it’s very scrumptious.

Joseph’s Tuscan inspired Happy Ending: (ready in 15 minutes or less)

6 cloves of garlic (finely sliced)
2 shallots (finely sliced)
1/2 stick of butter
1 large zucchini (cubed)
1 large summer squash (cubed)
1 15.5 oz can of cannelinni beans (drained)
2 cups of chicken broth
1/2 cup of white cooking wine
1 package of hidden valley ranch dressing mix
2-3 tbls dried tarragon
Salt to taste
3 plum tomatoes
1/2 lb orecchiette pasta
Locatelli Romano cheese (grated)

Boil pasta following package directions. While pasta is boiling, Sauté butter garlic and shallots on high till shallots turn translucent, careful not to burn the garlic. Add zucchini, squash, beans, chicken broth, wine and seasoning and simmer for about 12 minutes. Add tomatoes and cook for another minute or two. Drain pasta and combine veggie mix into pasta. Serve in a bowl and top with grated cheese..

Want to spice up your happy ending??? Just add a pinch or two of red pepper flakes…

Enjoy and come back soon for next weeks stories of SALON CONFIDENTIAL, you can’t make this shit up!!! Ciao!

  1. lol…….best one yet ! Shampooing in a speedo, I might have paid to see that 🙂

  2. John Losurdo says:

    Too funny! If I didn’t know you, I wouldn’t believe it. I’ve got 3 interviews this week, so far no speedos…

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