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While some of my stories my have been a lot of fun, there are some hazards to being in the beauty business. Let me tell you about two of them today.

Last week I found myself in the hospital with what felt like a lung infection. This wasn’t the first time I have had issues with my lungs. As a hairdresser you are exposed to not only many toxic chemicals, but also tiny bits of airborne hair that can make their way into your lungs. You have to learn to take precautions to protect yourself from these hazards. Which reminds me of the day that the “Fishers” came to the salon and I landed in the hospital with a collapsed lung.

Let’s start with the “Fishers”. On this particular day, I was in the salon…and had been feeling a heavy weight of pressure on my chest. Probably because I had been doing quite a few hair straightening procedures, which exposes the hairdresser to inhaling formaldehyde, a toxic chemical. Like many hairdressers, I just took it in stride, brushed it under the rug, and moved on.

Ready to face my day behind the chair, in walks my first client and I was awestruck by her incredibly swollen lips. Not knowing what to say, thinking she had injured herself somehow, I expressed my concern by asking if it hurt? She proceeded to tell me about the wonderful doctor who had just given her this new, full-lip enhancement…(Oh No… my chest began to hurt even more!) Mind you, I LIKE FULL SENSUAL LIPS….but these looked like two tire tubes stuck to her face! As the salon business would have it…not even 1/2 hour later…two more clients walked in with the EXACT SAME tire tubes. The Dr. must have been running a special!

Meanwhile, my chest was full of pressure from front to back. One of my co-workers told me that I should stop at the emergency room on the way home because it sounded like I had walking pneumonia. I thought to myself…ya, no big deal, probably not a bad idea, I’ll get some penicillin and be on my way.

As I was getting ready to pursue some medical treatment, I glanced down the row of chairs on my side of the salon. All I saw, 10 chairs wide, was a row of lips..EVERY SINGLE CHAIR was occupied by a fish lipped woman.. I shook my head in disbelief, was I hallucinating from my chest pain or had the salon become an aquarium? Not knowing what to say as they all looked my way and smiled, I grabbed my chest (in pain), however they all thought I was grabbing my chest out of adoration for new “lips”.


I rushed myself to the hospital with the vision of the “Fishers” fresh in my mind, humored by the idea that plastic surgery had gone too far.
After being evaluated in the emergency room, it turns out that I had a collapsed lung! They inserted a chest tube through the side of my rib cage. Looks like I was going to be in for a hospital stay at this point. The next morning, much to my surprise, I was greeted by my salon family…ALL 40 of them..including the boss. Squeezed into my small hospital room, they all began to give me gifts..the kind of gifts only hairdressers could dream up. One of which included a huge tray of brownies made with a magical herb. It’s important for you to know that the hospital I was in was considered a “learning hospital”. This means you get the honor of having a group of doctors visit you for their rounds, all of which are young and usually hungry and exhausted from their long shifts of their internship. When my group of interns arrived that day, they all eyed my tray of brownies and asked if they could have some. Not sure what to say, seeing I knew of their special ingredients, but didn’t know how to tell them, I said “Sure, help yourselves!”
I still to this day wonder how the rest of their day went, because they certainly did help themselves to my brownies. While I was very thankful for the kind thoughts of my salon family, I hope those Dr.’s didn’t have any procedures to do that day… On second thought, did brownies play a role in the inspiration of those Tire Tube Fish Lips??!!!

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