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Now that you have the background of how I finally got my “chair”, let’s talk about some of the funny stuff that happened behind the chair. The sequence of these stories are in no particular order, and follow closely..cause you can’t make this shit up!

On this one particular day, a male client, who happened to be fairly successful, came into the salon for his monthly haircut. Our discussions during this appointment centered around his recent hair transplant and the huge amount of money that it had cost him. He emphasized several times during the haircut how much he spent to have these “plugs” implanted. It was obvious that this had greatly improved his already elevated ego. You should know that usually when you have thinning hair on the top of your head, as life would have it, the rest of your body is covered with hair. So every time I would trim his neck we would stop somewhere near the top of his shoulders where there would be a distinct line of body hair. Being the professional that I was, I recommended that he try having his shoulders waxed for a more natural transition. Again, he was feeling so good with his new hair that he had spent so much money on, he was eager to look even better and quickly agreed to the waxing.

Hang on, cause this is about to get HAIRY! Pun intended.

Waxing, as you may know, is not a pleasant experience. Back in the day, we used a tongue depressor to apply the wax instead of today’s roll on applicator. So the procedure involved applying the hot wax, and then pressing a linen cloth over the wax and ripping the hair out in one quick, painful, movement. You might have seen this in the movie “The 40 Year Old Virgin”. Hearing his cries coming from the waxing room, there was a chuckle throughout the salon. Not because we were cruel, but because this guy had a reputation of being a bragging big shot.

So this is what happened….

The waxing technician, while applying the wax to his shoulder with the tongue depressor, lost control of the stick which went flying into the air. Do you want to guess where it landed????

Yep, you guessed it…..right into his very expensive hair plugs!!!

That’s when he came running into the middle of the salon. Shirtless, bleeding at the shoulders, with the wax stick stuck in his hair, he was frantically screaming “MY HAIR, MY HAIR, MY $15,000 HAIR!!!”

You can only imagine the uncontrollable laughter that filled the salon. In my mind, I thought…”Wax THIS….not THAT!!“. The entertainment for the day couldn’t be topped!

Just so you know, we did successfully remove the stick from his hair…although we could have thought of another place to put it. And, believe it or not, he actually became one of the salon’s best waxing clients.

I’ll leave you with a “Salon Tip of the Day”:
While hair plugs are useful, today’s hair products are better than ever and your stylist should be aware of the many thickening sprays that help your hair to look it’s best. But should you choose to get waxed, I strongly recommend wearing a hat during the procedure…


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