Salon Confidential: The Big Apple and the Human Hair Clip

Posted: March 23, 2014 in hair, Salon Stories, Uncategorized
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Diploma in one hand and Marilyn in the other…I was ready to go out and look for my first job as a hairdresser. Off to New York City “The Big Apple” I went searching for a salon to call home. The first salon doors I walked through were those of the infamous Vidal Sassoon located in the heart of Manhattan. This was Vidal’s first salon in New York and he was in the process of launching his hair care products. It must have been my lucky day, because after just a few moments with the salon manager, they put me to work as a shampoo boy that very same day.

After being introduced to my shampoo bowl and an array of Sassoon products, I began my career on a lesser note than I had imagined….WASHING HAIR!!!!!.

Once again, luck ensued and Mr. Sassoon himself approached me at the end of my first day. He instructed me that I was no longer to work at the shampoo bowl; instead I was to personally assist him. I actually didn’t know how lucky I was…I had thoughts that maybe I sucked at shampooing so bad that he didn’t want me doing it anymore, or maybe I was going to be sent home soon. Not everyone made the Sassoon team.

Day two of my career I had rose to the elite status of “Human Hair Clip”, essentially holding hair for Mr. Sassoon in one hand and a spray bottle in the other. This went on for months and the only head of hair I got to style was my dear faithful Marilyn, who let me experiment with trying to reproduce what I had watched Mr. Sassoon do throughout the day. At some point I must have recognized that I had been chosen to be one of Vidal’s protégés, so I continued to be a “human clip” for many many more months while still going to classes weekly. About a year passed and I was finally given my first real “live” client to cut. Mr. Sassoon looked to me and asked…”Are you ready???? Do you have your scissors????” I thought, AM I READY???  SERIOUSLY!!!….yet I sheepishly responded “ummmm, yes..”

That’s when the “BALD” accountant for the salon sat down in my chair [REALLY??? you can’t make this shit up] …And for the next 2 hours I cut his sideburns…for FREE, of course. I started asking myself if I had been mistaken for not taking that football scholarship.

And so my hairdressing career truly began. I spent the next several months working behind the scenes at fashion shows for top designers, magazine photo shoots, and celebrity styling alongside Vidal Sassoon. My weeks consisted of a grueling 60 hours of work and my pay never exceeded $125.00 a week. I started to realize that it  was costing me more to go to work than I was making and I was ready to leave this iconic establishment. My father, on the other hand, told me I should be paying Mr. Sassoon to work. Little did I know he was SOOOO right.

And so the salon shuffle began..I returned to Long Island to interview with Richard Calcasola and the famous Maximus Hair Salon, where my next adventure begins.

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    Why was she naked?

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