Salon Confidential: Beauty School: How it all began….

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Salon Stories, Uncategorized
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It all began in a hotel room watching the movie “Shampoo” starring Warren Beatty as a hairdresser who believes he is better than the owner and screws his way up to owning his own salon. So in my young male brain, at the point in my life searching for what career path I would take…a light bulb went off. My choice was clear and off to beauty school I went.

To my chagrin, I was enrolled with 68 students…all of which were female….I was the ONLY male! Things were looking up!

 My first step was to receive my uniform which was a black smock and a faux leather case filled with rollers, bobby pins, perm rods and a 12 inch scissor and comb. Oh, and let’s not forget the mannequin head, Marilyn, which is still today my most agreeable client.

The next step was receiving the title “Mr. Joseph”, and I was addressed by this from coworkers and clients from that day on.

 Hands manicured….I was ready to caress my doll Marilyn and give her pin curls…These are hands that, up till this point in life, caught footballs and dug holes. If Marilyn could speak…there would be only one word she may have spoken… OUCH!

 School progressed quite nicely. My days were filled with practicing my new skills on Marilyn, learning the ins and outs of the beauty profession, while my nights were filled with learning the ins and outs of my classmates…. I was beginning to enjoy my new career choice!

 While there were ups to this, there were certainly downs, as being a straight male in the beauty industry was not easy. One day, while waiting for the bus to take me to class, I was mugged for my faux leather case. I can only imagine the look on the muggers face when he discovered his treasure was filled with rollers and perm rods. Ms. Marilyn, however, was safe.

Stay tuned for sooooo much more to come….

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